Comprehensive examinations
Our dental practitioners provide all patients with the latest technology to diagnose and assess their current oral health status.

The use Intra Oral Cameras allow patients to view the area being discussed with their dentist and to better understand their treatment needs.

Low dose digital x-rays are an essential tool for our dental practitioners assess the current condition of our patients teeth, restorations, bone and gum health. In a matter of minutes after having x-rays taken your dentist will be able to view and show you the findings, if any, on the x-ray.



Teeth Whitening

Our tooth whitening products and services are a great way to achieve the desired tooth shade of your teeth. We offer custom-fitted take home kits by Zoom! Whitening or pre-formed take home kits by Opalescence Go! to make the process easy.

Orthodontics - Clear Correct

Are you self-conscious of the minor misalignment of your teeth or your bite? Do you avoid smiling in public or worse try to hide your teeth when you talk or smile because of this misalignment? If this is you, Dental 206 has the solution!

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment, also called endodontic treatment, is a procedure carried out when a tooth has been decayed or has a deep filling extending so far that simply replacing the filling would cause the nerve of the tooth to become inflamed and die.

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