Crowns and Bridges
These are a perfect way to restore the strength and shape of your teeth. Our dentists may recommend these when your teeth have become weakened due to decay, large fillings, cracks or root canal treatments.

When the crown of a tooth is severely damaged or weakened because of a large area of decay, a broken cusp or a root canal procedure, a large filling is more than often not enough to functionally restore the tooth. The tooth is weakened and a crown (metal or porcelain) is then placed. The crown fits over the prepared tooth which restores the shape and integrity of the tooth, making it strong enough for normal function.

A bridge is one or more crowns attached to an additional tooth to bridge together a lost tooth in the dental arch. This can therefore improve appearance, function and prevent the other teeth from shifting in the arch.



Teeth Whitening

Our tooth whitening products and services are a great way to achieve the desired tooth shade of your teeth. We offer custom-fitted take home kits by Zoom! Whitening or pre-formed take home kits by Opalescence Go! to make the process easy.

Orthodontics - Clear Correct

Are you self-conscious of the minor misalignment of your teeth or your bite? Do you avoid smiling in public or worse try to hide your teeth when you talk or smile because of this misalignment? If this is you, Dental 206 has the solution!

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment, also called endodontic treatment, is a procedure carried out when a tooth has been decayed or has a deep filling extending so far that simply replacing the filling would cause the nerve of the tooth to become inflamed and die.

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